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License Management Plugin for Oxygen Builder Design Sets Creator

🔑 Licenses Management

Through simple, intuitive interfaces, allows site admins to easily view and manage customer license keys.

💡 API System

Secure by design and extensible, takes your licensing management to an enterprise level.

🚀 License Generator

Bulk generate licenses and automatically with predefined configuration and design sets.

📌 Remotes

Highly efficient way to manage Asura on multiple websites from one place for which Asura is installed.

🛠️ Flexible

The License System allows you to set an expiration date and limit the # of activations of each license.

📦 White Label

Build your brand awareness with the open source Client plugin (Asura Connector).

🎨 Multiple Design Sets

Host multiple design sets in a single WordPress installation, except you need to use the universal CSS.

🛒 eCommerce Integration

Asura includes native integration for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Selling design sets is easy!

⚡️ Lumen 8 & Vue 3 Powered

Your plugin built on top of the latest version of the most popular PHP framework and Javascript framework.



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